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Cuddalore Dist Youth For Human Rights International
HLP –Horizontal Learning Process
Date: 19/4/2013 to 21/4/2013
Venue: Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD)
          Ministry of Youth & Sports – India, RGNIYD and CIRDAP jointly organized a 3 days Programme on Horizondal Learning from 19 to 21 April 2013 at RGNIYD campus, Sriperumbudur. This programme is to develop the capacity, understanding and provide an opportunity to proof our hardship in development sector and to share success stories, experiences, models please in the programme.

Day 1(19.4.2013):
Welcome Address by Mr. P.Michael Vetha Siromony IAS , Director RGNIYD Introduction to all participants and Workshop Objective. After finding useless items within five minutes Introduction of the trainers/ co-facilitators the expectation settings is done .Each participant posted their own flip charts Co-place and any symbol that describes them and their dreams. After that an introduction of Bangladesh government is given by the Facilitator Mrs. Dr.Vasanthi Rajendran  Director ,ICD,CIRDAP and Mr. Santanu Lahiri Resource Person, World Bank.  After the session Ice Breaker is done Group exercise: Throwing ball to creating alertness: once ball is received by any participant, she/he will tell one good practice that she/he personally came across. After that the group of 5 members is divided they were leaved to discuss about the Good practices .After the Discussed Good practice is delivered to the others and appreciation is given to the each and every good practice. The session is closed with nights assignment.
Day 2(20.4.2013):
            Second day is started with the recap session of last day .Then success of the HLP in Bangladesh is explained by the specialist of the Bangladesh officials of government and NGO .After that the objectives of the HLP is explained and participants are allowed to identify the indicators of their Good Practices. Then the system of HLP is explained to the participants .Then each good practices is written in the chart by the facilitator .Then the system of creating of Fact Sheet is explained to the participants .After that Seminar by Youth For Human Rights International is done there  on this seminar Books and CD materials have been given to the Participants and Facilitators of the workshop. In this seminar Datchana Moorthy(Me) have explained details about the Human Rights and its basic concepts to the peoples gathered there .Our materials have been given to the Director and Former Human Rights Educator of Human Rights Commission-Government of India IAS Officer Mr. P.Michael Vetha Siromony IAS .And the day is ended with night assignments .
Day 3(21.4.2013):
Third day is started with the Recap session of the Second day .Then everyone’s fact sheet is presented and clarification is done. Then the fact sheets of different success stories are distributed to all of us. Facilitators accessed the information of all of the NGO’s and they were allowed to do the project their NGO’s. Then feedback forms are given and collected and the Recap session is done .After that Certificate is distributed by the Facilitators.