The recent spate of crime against women in Delhi has awakened the entire country to the need of a better culture; a culture where human rights are respected. It does not come as a surprise that the President of India emphasized the need for human rights education in schools in a conference organized by National Human Rights Commission.
Youth for Human Rights (YHR) has been actively working on creating awareness among the youth and on the occasion of Human Rights Day, our volunteers joined hands to create history. Hundreds of youth joined the walk in their city or village, thus carrying the message of human rights far and wide. 

The purpose of YHR is to build a culture based on human rights through education and awareness of human rights. All the people who organized this walk and all the participants who joined the walk are laying the foundation for such a culture and we commend them for this step.

Youth for Human Rights works to inspire youth to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace. We depend on dedicated volunteers and generous support from like-minded individuals, groups and organizations.Your support is needed. Working together to teach human rights we can make a difference. Youth who know their rights can defend against or report abuses.